11/16/2017 PRODUCTS

Atlantic Grupa Started Producing Argeta in the USA

Following Izola and Hadžići, American Harrisburg has become the new home of the Argeta production facility.

Atlantic Grupa has successfully crossed the ocean that separates the New Continent from the Old Continent and it now produces one of its most successful brands in the United States of America as well. Following successful preparations, the production of the Argeta pâté in the town of Harrisburg in the federal state of Pennsylvania has commenced, and the sale revenues are expected to reach three million dollars during the first year.

In accordance with the strict traceability criteria combined with the superb technology perfected in two regional factories – in Slovenian Izola and Hadžići in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Argeta will exclusively produce for the North American market in cooperation with Brother&Sister, an American company in Harrisburg. It is a well-known fact that Argeta is produced without the meat processing industry by-products, exclusively using high quality meats and natural spices without conservatives and additives of any type and with distinguished international quality certificates.

Throughout November and December of 2017, in cooperation with the local distribution partners, intensive distribution of Argeta to nearly two thousand retailers in the USA and Canada will commence, soon to be accompanied by a strong promotional campaign starting at the retailers and the digital media. Enzo Smrekar, the General Manager of Savoury Spreads Strategic Business Unit at Atlantic Grupa, has stated that this was a significant step forward for the brand that is one of the most potent ambassadors of the Atlantic's internationalization strategy, not only in Europe but also overseas.  

»We would not be exaggerating if we said that Argeta was the largest pâté brand in the world because, individually observed, Argeta has achieved the highest sales among many pâté brands. Throughout decades of nurturing quality and constant assortment innovations, Argeta has become a synonym for the best pâté throughout the South-East Europe. As one of the players in the internationalization process of the entire Atlantic Grupa, we have embarked on a brave and ambitious, but well-planned and realistic expansion strategy beyond Europe where we had already successfully established ourselves. Argeta holds more than 37 percent of the market in Austria, nearly 30 percent in Switzerland and we are advancing to a stable 10 percent of the market share in Germany and Sweden. We are now opening the door to the American market with a great potential we are going to utilise«, stated Smrekar.