05/14/2015 PRODUCTS

Barcaffè Black'n'Easy – the Coffee of a New Generation

Convenience is one of the most important trends in food industry. Consumers demand products that quickly and efficiently meet their needs making their everyday life easier.

Our mornings are getting more and more dynamic and often we don’t have time to prepare the first morning coffee. Many certainly wish from time to time to enjoy the classic Turkish coffee within a minute, without waiting, without having to boil the water in coffee pot.

Those wishes now became true! Discover the coffee of a new generation: Barcaffè Black’n’Easy! Barcaffè Black’n’Easy is the first Turkish coffee that you can prepare instantly, like you would prepare an instant coffee. It’s as simple as counting 1, 2, 3: pour the content of the bag in a cup, top with 150ml of hot water and stir. Your favourite Turkish coffee is ready!