04/26/2019 PRODUCTS

Black'n'Easy - from now on, with milk!

Black’n’Easy Milk is coming soon for all those who cannot start their day without the coffee and milk combination. It is real Turkish coffee with milk ready in a minute.

Black’n’Easy Milk features exceptional full-flavour Turkish coffee with the creamy structure that comes from milk. 
Presenting this unique product is just the next step in the creation of innovations and establishment of high standards on the market. For a short time, innovative and practical Black’n’Easy coffee is becoming the favourite choice of those who do not pass up Turkish coffee in any situation and who simply love to have their favourite beverage always with them.  
Enjoying a full cup of Turkish coffee has never required less time. With sugar or without it, and with milk from now on, Black'n'Easy is exceptionally easy to make. Simply empty the content of the package in a cup, pour hot water over it, stir and watch the magic that only takes a minute.