06/10/2015 PRODUCTS

Cedevita – A Fresh Dose of Vitamins; A Fresh Dose of Energy!

Cedevita has always reminded us of home, and today is a favourite drink in cafés, as well as for on the go – ready with a simple turn of the cap. Cedevita is full of tradition, but nostalgia is not her motto, so it continually adorns its tradition in new attire. As a true trendsetter, Cedevita decided to get back on the runway and boldly present its new collection for the next generation of its entire assortment of the original vitamin drink.


Redesign is the word we seek, so, what has changed? Cedevita’s distinguishing orange colour is the leading element of the new logo, which is present and recognizable on all the products in the assortment. Cedevita also redesigned its new trademark – the popular Cedevita glass. Neither Cedevita, nor the stylized glass are immune to trends and so you will find the new glass decorated with typical accessories such as sunglasses, moustaches, lips, and hats, which are also present on the promo materials that go with the new product line. The new Cedevita tells a new story – a fresher, different, inspiring, active, urban story which we trust because of the legacy Cedevita products hold for us. The new Cedevita offers a fresh look through orange-tinted glasses. The unique sensation provided by preparing a fresh dose of vitamins, and the enjoyment and functional benefits upon consuming the drink, are further highlighted through Cedevita’s new visual identity which calls for activity, creativity, strength, and enthusiasm, reminding us equally of the concern for our health as well as for having fun.


This big step for the brand is also a step forward for Cedevita GO! which as a part of the new redesign will now operate solely as Cedevita! After its initial emancipation, the most “mobile” member of the range is now ready to return to the family unit, thereby achieving an absolute consistency with the whole Cedevita range, and recapped under one united label – A Fresh Dose of Vitamins. The popular bottle and unique bottle cap which when turned releases Cedevita granules into fresh spring water is much like a fresh dose of vitamins in our active lifestyle. Cedevita promotes precisely such a lifestyle – health, recreation and fun, with a fresh dose of energy that we need to face the challenges before us.
Most of us are well aware of our need for vitamins, even if we do not exactly know why. They reduce fatigue and exhaustion, protect cells from stress, and contribute to the normal functioning of the heart and immune system. However, they are very sensitive and unstable, especially in a liquid, and are thus best kept in dry form and dissolved right before consumption in order to achieve their full benefit. This is why Cedevita granules are best friends with vitamin freshness and the refreshment that their unique bubbles bring. There are no added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, but rather contain vitamins as approved by the European Food Safety Authority. On its new packaging, Cedevita provides all additional information on the beneficial values of the beverage.


At home, in a café, or while on the go, you simply must try the new Cedevita and see for yourself that it still the same and the best – just better looking! As summer approaches, and the heat beckons you to always seek new refreshment, Cedevita has prepared additional surprises for their fans. All in their new packaging, new Cedevita products await you this season: Elder & Lemon with Stevia – a new flavour with 35% less sugar for consumers on the go, Elder & Lemon in a 200g pack, and a new Lemon Mint flavour that can only be found in cafés.