03/12/2015 PRODUCTS

Cedevita, Argeta, Smoki and Cockta Amongst the Strongest Regional Brands

Atlantic's brands Cedevita, Argeta, Smoki and Cockta once again achieved outstanding success ranking themselves among the top 10 strongest brands in the region, according to the research carried out by the Valicon agency.

Cedevita – Atlantic's Strongest Brand

Cedevita leads in the excellent fourth place while Argeta is 5th, Smoki 7th and Cockta is 8th in the overall ranking. A prime driver behind this success is the synergy and strength of marketing and distribution.

Cedevita and Argeta switched places in comparison to 2013 ranking, which earned Cedevita a title of Atlantic's strongest brand according to BSI Index (Brand Strenght Index), and the greatest impact on the new rating had Cedevita's BSI Index in Croatia and Slovenia.

Argeta ranked first in B&H and Macedonia and fourth in Slovenia, so the size of the country's population weighted it in the fifth place of the regional ranking.

Smoki, in comparison to the previous year, climbed two places and is now in the 7th place, while Cockta is 8th.

The first three places are held by international brands Milka, Coca Cola and Croatian brand Vegeta.


Valicon agency carried out the research during September and October 2014 on the sample of thousand people per market (without Montenegro and Kosovo), and the strength of brands was calculated based on recognisability, experience and consumption.