09/16/2014 PRODUCTS

Donat Mg a „General Online Champion 2014“ Together With Cockta Won Four WEBSI Awards

In a symposium on digital communication held on 12 September in Slovenia, Donat Mg in cooperation with Agencija 101, marketing agency won for its internet page “Preggy Mg” a title of “General Online Champion”.

In addition to this most prestigious title of the competition, the project also won high rankings and prizes in following categories:
1st place in the category “Social Networks”
1st place in the category “Best Editorial”
2nd place in the category “Best User Experience”

Along with Donat Mg, Cockta also claimed an award for the second place in the category of “Social Networks”. The prize was awarded to Cockta for the last year’s Cockta Chinotto giveaway “Around the World” organized in association with Renderspace agency. Competition resulted in an increase in the number of Cockta Facebook page fans for 134.000 new members amounting to total of 766.000 Facebook fans.