04/09/2015 PRODUCTS

Donat Mg Awarded the Gold Quill Award in San Francisco

On 6 April, we received the international Gold Quill award for effective communication of the Donat MG brand and for the "Tudi ti potrebuješ Donat MG" ["You Too Need Donat MG"] activation. The award winners were announced in San Francisco.

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) presents this award each year to recognise excellence in the field of strategic planning and activity execution. The winners list featured marketing activations from 15 countries. Panel representative Priya Bates had this to say about the winners: "We had consistent feedback from evaluators that this year they were seeing some of the best work they'd seen in years".

"We are very pleased with this international award for high-quality professional work; it is one of the highest honours for excellence in corporate communication. The panel recognised that we brought this exceptional gift of nature to the very summit of communications effectiveness through well thought out business, marketing and strategic decisions," commented Ranko Jelač, Marketing Director of the SBU Beverages.