11/11/2014 PRODUCTS

Four Gold Medals for Barcaffè

At this year’s International Coffee Tasting competition there were 149 registered coffee blends from fifteen different countries but in spite of the strong competition Barcaffè won a record four gold medals.

Sixth international competition in quality of coffee blends was held in Italian city Brescia gathering world’s largest manufacturers of espresso, filter, moka and capsule coffee.

Strong international competition

The winning products were selected by an international panel of judges which evaluated coffee blends from Italy, Korea, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, USA and Slovenia. Judges concentrated of the sensory analysis of coffee beverages based on several criteria such as body and intensity of aroma and structure of the cream. Amongst this year’s winners are three espresso and one filter blend of Barcaffè coffee - Barcaffè Bar, Barcaffè Prestige and Barcaffè Filter. For all three of these brands this is a second gold medal on this competition.