04/20/2016 PRODUCTS

Granny's Secret Web Page Selected by Awwwards for Site of the Day

Last Saturday, Granny's Secret new internet page received prestigious acknowledgment “Awwwards – Site of the Day” among strong competition of best-designed sites worldwide.

Created in association with web design studio north2, which also designed Cedevita’s web, site interactively explores the story of Granny’s Secret, presenting brand’s assortment and offering a range of creative recipes and suggestions on how to use Granny’s Secret products in order to create delicious gourmet moments.

Quality and relevant content packed in visually attractive multimedia design mounted the site at the top of the best sites list. Given that Awwwards is the most famous internet gallery for evaluating websites, nomination itself generated a great interest, attracting a large number of new visitors curious to discover the secret of successful branding.

The story of Granny’s Secret thus resonated strongly among the fans of good design. Furthermore, by receiving this recognition it became a part of special „365 Best Websites Around the World“ edition additionally promoting the brand on Awwward conferences in New York and London.

Click HERE and relax your during coffee break with video story of Granny’s Secret.