03/09/2018 PRODUCTS

Meet the new Cockta

With so far 65 years of success on markets across the entire region, Cockta is planning and working on the success of a new 65 years to come.

Cockta’s new image was presented last Friday at a spectacular event in Portorož. Together with the new Cockta as the star of the evening clothed in her blue attire, three other speakers also excelled in their performances. Zvonimir Brekalo presented everyone with details on the whole redesign process, not hiding his pride and excitement over the entire project. Srećko Nakić spoke of distribution, and with a captivating message motivated our distribution force. Emil Tedeschi concluded the working part with his powerful and emotional messages by highlighting our regional connection and membership to the Atlantic family.

After the spectacular presentation, the former salt warehouse in Portorož radiated with positive emotions in a fabulous party until the early morning hours. The amazing party was made even better with top performers Maja Keuc, S.A.R.S., St. Louis Band, and even two DJs – SHU SHU and NATI KATCHI.

With its new image, Cockta is going back to its roots and the colour blue, which since its very beginning was the most represented through promotions, but it also follows new trends and is improving its recipe, thus becoming even more natural, and therefore even more interesting to modern-day consumers.

Cockta is most recognisable for its flavour, which despite new, natural aromas and an improved recipe still remains unchanged, so loyal customers can keep enjoying the flavour they loved in their youth, while younger generations can create their own memories with the new and attractive-looking Cockta.

The new Cockta is already available at some retail points of sale, whereas promotions and advertising will begin March 8, when our loyal customers will be able to find their favourite beverage at all retail points of sale. The new Cockta will come in three package sizes: 0.275l glass bottle for the HoReCa channel, and 0.5l and 1.5l plastic bottles.

This is just the beginning of Cockta’s fun and friendship journey, to make new acquaintances with different generations and fans of tradition and contemporary trends.