03/05/2014 PRODUCTS

New Campaign for Melem

Melem is melem (balm), everything else are just creams - a new campaign for Melem is based on a simple key message – Melem is unique and has no competition. All other creams that are used are just creams, while Melem with its superb functional and emotional attributes provides much more. That added value is contained in all aspects of Melem, from its effect on the skin, packaging, to its communication.

The creative process, through which team in Melem got to the new positioning of the brand, went from well-communicated fact that Melem is a balm for all (all skin conditions, every age and every occasion) toward focus on Melem’s distinction from all other brands and products on the market.

In order to emphasize and highlight this distinction it was necessary to produce interesting auditory and visual package that will support Melem’s positioning. The result of creative work of Fahrenheit agency and Neva team is appealing Melem tune produced by David Vurdelja (Baby Dooks), sung by  Carla Belovari, and TV spot, different than other, filmed from the beginning to the end in stop motion animation technique and directed by creative team from Dadomani studio in Milan.