07/24/2018 PRODUCTS

New Great Taste Stars for Granny's Secret Products

Granny's Secret, with its premium fruit spreads – Apricot and Honey, and Black Currant and Honey, continues to win prestigious global awards. This time, Granny's Secret received the Great Taste Award once again for high quality from the most prominent British association for high quality gourmet products - Guild of Fine Food.

This is the eleventh edition of Great Taste Awards (GTA), where awards are given for best gourmet products. It is organized by the British association entitled Guild of Fine Food. Around 500 judges participated in the evaluation process that took place this August in London where comments were given to scorekeepers following "blind tests". Teams of judges consisting of global food experts were formed in groups of 3 or 4 in order to achieve a balance in terms of experience, age, gender and judge nationality. The entire process lasted from March to July in England and the judges needed 65 days to make the final decision.