02/24/2010 PRODUCTS

One2play and Atlantic Grupa signed a distribution agreement

One2play and Atlantic Grupa signed an agreement on business cooperation

By this agreement the Atlantic Grupa becomes exclusive distributor in the segment of One2play company’s impulse products famous brands such as Gormit, Winx-ica, Bumbe, Fifi, Roary and others in Croatia, as well as in the region (BiH, Macedonia, Slovenia).

Atlantic Grupa with the wide range of its own and principal brands in the impulse positions is present in almost 50.0000 retail outlets in the region. The new cooperation agreement carries significant potential for the Atlantic for whome the new agreement represents the beginning of the realization of ambitious business plans, as well as to One2play which strategically inclines to partnership with powerful business systems that can monitor the development plans of the company.

"Atlantic through nearly twenty years of experience, continuously innovating and improving its overall service, proved to be a reliable and proactive partner. We are very pleased that One2play, as one of the Croatian fast growing companies, recognized Atlantic Grupa as a competent and focused distributor with whom it can realize its ambitious goals of business growth ", commented Srećko Nakić, vice president for the Atlantic Grupa Distribution Division.

"Cooperation with reputable distributor, such as the Atlantic Grupa, enables One2play to take new take-off in the market through better distribution on Croatian territory and deepening of the overall distribution in the region. We are very pleased that with Atlantic Grupa we do not only reduce risks and increase factors of stability and liquidity of the business, but even more turning to the focus of our business: choosing quality and safe products that offer our customers greater value for money " , said Alen Magdić, general director of One2play.