06/18/2015 PRODUCTS

Pitroid – A New Design and a Brand New Products, Just in Time!

Pitroid opens a new season of insect hunting with a brand new design, and some new insect fighting products.

Following the Latest Trends

Following the demands of modern, wellbeing oriented, stores, especially in the form of drugstores and convenience stores, brand of insecticides - Pitroid, offers to the market the most all-inclusive product range, meeting the consumer needs with its quality and prices, continuous innovation, attractive product presentation, and ease of purchase. We should remind ourselves of the fact that insecticides indirectly prevent a number of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, ticks and other insects, for which Pitroid undergone a very strict declaration procedure for EU markets.

Complete Protection

Developed from a long-standing tradition and original formulas of top pharmaceutical quality, Pitroid went through a period of cult products such as Neopitroid , Molin and Gmizin, and in 2003 it introduced to the market its widest range of products for all types of insect protection. With  redesign, it further emphasized the specific purpose of our products: protection against flying insects (mosquitoes and large insects such as flies, moths and wasps), crawling insects (ants, cockroaches and others) as well as universal products. The new design It also made it easier for consumers to choose their preferred product for indoor use (electrical plug-ins and moth tapes), as well as outdoor use (spirals and fly traps).

Pitroid Novelties

This year, Pitroid introduces a specially designed, new generation, electrical device with a solid filling technology to ensure constant 15-day protection from mosquitoes, 24 hours a day, with a duration indicator. In addition, the new Pitroid is also proven to work against tiger mosquitoes. Furthermore, Pitroid assortment is complemented with a new generation of anti-moth tapes with prolonged, three-month action.

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