05/07/2015 PRODUCTS

Plidenta HealthCare – New Dental Tretman

Special therapeutic toothpastes Plidenta HealthCare are an assortment of five toothpastes that have pharmaceutical quality in working against the most common conditions and issues connected to teeth and gums.

The new product line includes a whole range of clinically proven ingredients for oral hygiene used for therapeutic purposes, from natural extracts and probiotic bacteria to special cooling agents and PVM/MA copolymer.

Plidenta 15Seconds

Plidenta 15Seconds is a sensational new solution with a dual action mechanism against cavities that is scientifically proven to work after only 15 seconds thanks to its unique formula with probiotic base and hops extract, which no regular anti-cavity toothpaste can achieve. The whitening system in Plidenta 15Seconds will also quickly bring back a dazzling smile on your face.

Plidenta Parodont

Thanks to its active formula and complete action mechanism, the new Plidenta Parodont is clinically proven to operate nearly 5 times faster than the most popular toothpaste against gum bleeding after just 7 days of use. It combines sage, Salvadora persica, coenzyme Q10, red rudbeckia and fluoride in fighting gum bleeding, irritated and sensitive gums, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Plidenta Sensitive

Plidenta’s new special toothpaste against hypersensitive teeth in comparison to similar toothpastes on the market works with dual action on sensitive teeth. It contains potassium nitrate and arginine, two active ingredients that deactivate the nerve tip, preventing irritation from transmitting further onto the nerve itself. Clove has soothing, antiseptic and anti-odour properties, while increased fluoride protects against cavities and plaque.

Plidenta Freshmed

Plidenta Freshmed eliminates odours and neutralises breath in the mouth more effectively than regular toothpaste because of its unique composition and X-COOL action technology. It combines parsley, cinnamon and mint, which refresh long after washing thanks to unique X-cool mechanism that activates specific thermo-receptors in the oral cavity. This augments the especially strong sense of freshness in the mouth in comparison to regular toothpastes.

Plidenta TotalMed

Plidenta TotalMed provides complete all-day enhanced protection of teeth and gums against cavities and plaque, tartar and teeth stains, and whitens teeth and nurtures the gums. It contains a rich formula with fluoride for maximum protection from cavities and plaque, while zinc citrate and xylitol reduce the bacteria that cause plaque, tartar and bad breath; allantoin soothes, nourishes and strengthens the gums; pentasodium triphosphate whitens teeth, and peppermint provides long-lasting refreshment. Plidenta TotalMed has a built-in unique technology with PVM/MA co-polymer to lengthen the action of the active ingredients for a surprisingly long time after brushing.