04/25/2019 PRODUCTS

Premium Green – more for your immunity!

Premium Green Immuno Complex is a new food additive in a capsule from the Premium Green line. 

This innovative combination of ingredients contains multi-nutrients that impact the immune system in several ways thereby helping your immunity, as well as reducing fatigue and exhaustion. Premium Green Immuno complex contains whole dry EpiCor, unprocessed yeast fermenter, Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D all impacting the strengthening of the immune system.
The entire Premium Green line is gluten free and wrapped in a celluloid capsule making it suitable for vegetarians.
The Immuno Complex is recommended for:
• Diminished immunity
• Inadequate diet
• Increased physical and psychological stress
• Exposure to allergens
• Healthy aging
Find out more about the product at the Premium Green line webpage: https://www.premiumgreen.hr/immuno-complex/immuno-complex-s20 or on the Instagram profile premiumgreen.hr