04/14/2011 PRODUCTS

Show your teeth to caries!

Plidenta launched revolutional toothpaste with probiotic-based active.

Neva, a member of Atlantic Grupa, launched to the market Plidenta pro-t-action, the first toothpaste that contains probiotic-based Lactobacillus pro-t-action. This product prevents dental plaque and Lactobacillus pro-t-action contributes to the removal of Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria commonly known for causing tooth decay .

Lactobacillus Pro-t-action is a revolutionary innovation of BASF Future Business GmbH, Germany developed from probiotic lactic acid-producing bacteria. The feature of Pro-t-action is that it acts specifically with the bacteria that causes tooth decay, and does not affect the other bacteria in the oral cavity. According to research presented at international conferences, with regular and daily use, Lactobacillus Pro-t-action reduces up to 50% the number of S. mutans, which are mostly responsible for dental caries.

The new toothpaste was developed by experts of Neva, a member of Atlantic Grupa, as the first toothpaste in the world containing this probiotic culture. Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has recognised Plidenta Pro-t-action as cosmetics with special purpose.

Dental caries is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) caries affects almost 5 billion people or 90% of world population. Epidemiological studies show an alarming global increase in the prevalence of dental caries. At the end of April Plidenta will once again join the fight against this disease with campaign "Show your teeth to caries."