04/30/2014 PRODUCTS

Thirty Years of Plidenta

Brands, just like people, celebrate their birthdays. On the 30th of May, Plidenta is celebrating 30th birthday!

Launched in 1984, Plidenta was, from its beginnings, designed as brand for healthy and beautiful teeth. Thanks to pharmaceutical expertise and sixty years of experience in production of toothpastes, Plidenta soon became market leader in its category.

The range of Plidenta products has been carefully designed and continuously refreshed with new products that provide, in line with global trends, always the newest way to preserve healthy teeth and mouth. In thirty years, Plidenta has launched a total of 32 new toothpastes, 13 toothbrushes and 14 private label toothpastes. With wide range of products and confirmed quality, Plidenta has met the needs of even the most demanding consumers. During these thirty years in Croatian market at least 30 other toothpaste brands came and went, but Plidenta continued to be a leading brand for 21 years, while for six years that was Bianca, Plidenta’s older sister from Neva factory.