The collaboration between Atlantic Grupa and Sarajevo Film Festival continues


Atlantic Grupa has been a traditional supporter of the Sarajevo Film Festival, an event that rightfully stands out as one of the most renowned cultural gatherings in the global film context.

For many years, the Sarajevo Film Festival has been working to connect creative film forces across the region and beyond. With the support of Atlantic Grupa and the creative and innovative activities of its brands, the festival enhances its presence and impact. Furthermore, the Sarajevo Film Festival has been striving for sustainable practices, a goal recognized and supported by Atlantic Grupa. This is evident in their reduction of paper usage and the incorporation of recycled paper in segments where paper elimination is not entirely feasible. Alongside Grand Kafa, Atlantic Grupa played host to the film "Fallen Leaves," which was showcased at the festival. The additional activities undertaken by their brands are revealed below.


As a regional leader in the freshly roasted ground coffee category, Atlantic Group brings its Grand Kafa to the Sarajevo Film Festival once again, a brand that has been nurturing the art of cinema and supporting young talents for years. A proud sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival for six years, Atlantic Grupa has, in recent times, organized a competition for designing the official (Grand) Kafa Sarajevo Film Festival cup.

Additionally, Grand Kafa has traditionally hosted breakfast and gatherings with young talents and media representatives at the Festival Square. This year, they welcomed over a hundred young film talents from various parts of the world, introducing the previous year's winning cup design and presenting the award to its creator, Sanja Tomašević. Her illustration, inspired by and imbued with the charms of classic films, captured the hearts of voters.​


In addition to Grand Kafa, the partnership with the festival has also been enriched by Argeta, which provided support in an innovative way. As a lover of innovation, Argeta decided to enhance the festival experience this year by introducing a unique interactive activity that combines technology and a passion for film. They succeeded in engaging cinema enthusiasts to keep up with new technologies by participating in a quiz created with AI (artificial intelligence).

An integral part of the festival was the Argeta Gala party, now a traditional component of the second night of the festival. The Gala party brings together partners, artists, and journalists in a shared celebration of art, innovation, and the magic​ of film, accompanied by delicious mini Argeta meals prepared with great care and love.