Cedevita candies have been around for nearly half a century, with their first appearance on the market way back in 1971! Fans of these multivitamin candies with no artificial colouring or preservatives can enjoy the flavours of orange, lemon and wild berry. These flavours are available in separate packages or in a tasty fruit mix in two different packaging sizes (cardboard flip-top box and XXL plastic container). Special attention has been devoted to our youngest customers for whom we have developed the Cedevita KIDS candy line, which along with its 9 vitamins also contains calcium, and comes in three flavours: orange, strawberry and fruit mix (orange, strawberry and tropical).


Rondo C is the best-selling small candy on the Croatian market. This product, now in the prime of its popularity, was created in 1979, and alongside its premium quality and affordable price, definitely owes its longevity to the addition of vitamin C and fantastic pineapple flavour. With its dash of retro design, Rondo C comes in a classic roll pack, as well as an XXL plastic container.


The title of the most amusing packaging definitely goes to Vau Vau candies. Since 1980, generations of children have loved this little dog house with 20 cute little puppies inside. These candies with added vitamin C contain no artificial colouring, and when you open the dog house door, out comes a puppy in one of four flavours: lemon, orange, pineapple and Marasca cherry.


Our youngest and most amusing product is definitely PUC PUC popping powder! It is ideal for children because it contains 9 vitamins, comes in three delicious flavours (strawberry, wild berry and tropical), and the fun begins right when PUC PUC starts melting in your mouth! One sachet of popping powder (5g) contains 15% of the recommended daily vitamin intake, so that you can even consume up to several sachets a day. For big and small, alone or with friends, PUC PUC just always sounds exciting!