Cedevita is an instant vitamin drink for every occasion, suitable for all ages, for any time of day.

Cedevita is a drink that falls into the category of dietary supplements since it amends or completely compensates for the lack of vitamins in nutrition. It contains 9 vitamins (B complex, C and E) necessary for a balanced functioning of the body, and vitamin amounts in Cedevita are adapted to daily needs.

Mixed with water Cedevita always provides a healthy refreshment and it is especially recommended for people with poor eating habits (lack of fruits and vegetables and avoiding certain foods) and for people on a vegetarian diet. Cedevita has a beneficial effect on strengthening the immune system and restores energy and it is recommended for increased physical and/or mental activity.

Vitamins in granules retain their properties until the moment of consumption. Drinking freshly prepared beverage, without additional preservatives, allows rapid absorption of the preserved vitamins and instant refreshment.

Regardless of whether you enjoy this drink alone at home with family or with friends in a cafe, Cedevita will, with its many flavours, always be - a refreshing and healthy pleasure at hand.


Cedevita has, with its presence in millions of homes, become synonymous with a refreshing, healthy, and everyone's favourite beverage. During its 40 years of existence, many generations have grown up with Cedevita and customer loyalty has been confirmed through the most important quality systems such as ISO 9000 and 14000, HACCP and IFS and through Superbrands title and Trusted Brands titles that Cedevita keeps on winning year after year in the category of vitamin products.


Cedevita also offers on the go refreshment adjusted to all who live in motion and actively enjoy their free time. The well-known favourite Cedevita can be found in pioneering packaging and it may be freshly prepared and available any time you want!

Cedevita on the go consists of a cap that contains Cedevita granules and a bottle of spring water. The products contains only natural aromas and does not contain preservatives.