The natural mineral water Donat is truly a wonder of nature. A unique combination of minerals, key to the normal functioning of the digestive system, has been created by nature in the area of Rogaška Slatina in Slovenia.

The minerals seep into the water through different layers of the earth in its 7,000-year path towards the depths. Precisely because of these unique circumstances made by nature, such a product cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

Regular consumption of Donat takes care of normal functioning of digestive system and ensures wellbeing.

Donat affects the different parts of the digestive system by supporting their normal functioning. Its effects have been proven both in therapeutic (functional constipation, heartburn) and preventive use (prevention of gallstones, better absorption of nutrients, excretion of digestive enzymes). In 2015 we also proved Donat’s effectiveness on the digestive system with a clinical study.

In order to ensure normal functioning of the digestive system, we recommend drinking Donat on a daily basis, along with a balanced diet with enough fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dietary fibers, with an adequate intake of fluids and regular physical activity.

Environmental sustainability

Based on Donat’s completely natural origins and the expectations of our loyal consumers, we are serious when talking about sustainability & responsibility towards nature. That is why Donat is packed in 100% recycled PET bottles, by which we are reducing our CO2 emissions by 90%.

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