Atlantic Grupa is a regional player in the water market, with manufacturing facilities in Slovenia (Rogaška Slatina), Croatia (Apatovac) and Serbia (Banja Palanački kiseljak) with recognized brands  Tempel, Kala, Kalnička and Karađorđe. Although in the overall operations of the Grupa, the waters may not achieve the biggest turnover, they are certainly brands with the longest history and tradition, "a story that holds water."

Interesting facts

• The newspaper cited the case of an Austro-Hungarian officer, Martin Vrbanc who allegedly recovered from an unusual fever he caught in 1809 in the war with France, by drinking „Kalnička“ .

• The source Kiseljak was known from the Roman times, when the first shallow brick installation was used – the Roman well.




170 years ago, in the spring of 1842., forest director Durst discovered a source of water nearby Apatovac village in Croatia. Immediately after discovery was made local authorities ordered that the fence was to be erected round the well and sample of water was taken for analysis, in order to get professional and official opinion for its purpose and use. Today, from that very same well we bottle Kalnička – natural mineral water.


Natural spring water Kala, along with associated apparatus that cools and heats water, presents ideal solution for consummation of water in your home, every day…Many of our customers have wished for the source of natural spring water Kala, within their reach…


Tempel is sparkling water with about 1,5 grams of soluble minerals per litre. Because of its low mineralisation and pleasant taste it’s an excellent choice for thirst in both summer and winter months.


The first records on healing springs in the proximity of today’s Palanački Kiseljak spring, date way back to 1856. From the very first test, to this day, the composition of mineral water Karađorđe remains the same. Exceptional quality of this mineral water is also constituted in a number of elements, present in favourable ratio, which have beneficial effect on the vitality of the body.