Italfood industry

Ital Food Industry AD was established in 2005. From its inception until today, the company has seen fast growth, becoming one of the leading snack manufacturers in New Europe. All Italfood brands – Maretti, Kubeti, Tornado and My Motto have been a great success from the moment they were launched on the market. 

Ital Food Industry AD quickly built a reputation for producing quality snacks at competitive prices. Ital Food Industry AD has achieved international success by creating a unique brand with global potential, while at the same time adapting its marketing efforts to the local consumer preferences.

The Bruschette Maretti brand is characterized by top notch quality and flavour. Small baked and carefully seasoned breads have thrilled customers world-wide. They are a healthier snack alternative because they are baked in an oven and not fried and contain no added preservatives or colours. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

Fettuccine Maretti lead the way to a brand new world of crunchiness. A baked good in the form of soft and crunchy wheat flour ribbons, it is gently seasoned with a unique Maretti mix.

Kubeti is the famous snack among children and teenagers that combines interesting flavours and unique design. Delicious potaoe salted sticks Kubeti Stix are offeered in three different flavours: ketchup, cheese and grill.