Livity Live Raw Bar assortment of world's first live raw bars that contain probiotics Atlantic Grupa distributes in Slovenia. These bars are containing only bio/organic ingredients - probiotics, raw fruits and chocolate, nuts and seeds. All ingredients are raw and made by drying in the sun. The idea of the development of these bars was created as a result of the aspirations of the kitesurf community and in collaboration with them they got the excellent taste of these bars, which offer a range of benefits to taste. Sport itself, as well as bars, promotes sport, sun, conscious feeding, healthy and fit people and enjoyment in life. Livity Live Raw Bar offerss six different flavors and its associated effects - Cocount & Cacao Uplift, Chia & Cacao Nibs Revitalize, Sour Cherry & Maca Boost, Acerola & Blackcurrant Restore, Plum & Goji Berry Revive, Apple & Cinnamon Burst.