The Stock Spirits Group, established in 2007 is the home of a number of exceptional and great European brands of spirits.

The Stock Spirits Group produces and sells a wide array of traditional and modern spirits - Stock 84, Keglevich and Limoncè.

Stock 84-  The story began in Trieste in 1884 when eighteen-year-old Lionello Stock founded Camis & Stock, and produced his first product: the Cognac Medicinal that would later become Stock 84 - the brand well known and enjoyed all over the world!
Stock 84 is an excellent choice on any occasion. It's unmistakable character can be enjoyed on the rocks, with cola, apple juice or in cocktails. Best when shared with friends, colleagues or family members or simply as a treat at the end of the day.

Keglevich is an alcoholic drink produced from one hundred per cent wheat grain using traditional methods specified in the original Count Keglevich recipe from 1882. The Classic Keglevich vodka is completely clear and perfectly transparent. It has a rich and balanced body, resulting in a harmonious and noble flavour.

Keglevich fruit flavoured vodka is made of the cleanest triple distilled vodka and natural fruit juice, which combined provide the consumer with a unique concentrated aroma and fruit flavour.

Limonce is the most widely sold limoncello in Italy and worldwide. This is classic Italian liquor created according to the traditional recipe. Pieces of lemon peel combined with sugar and alcohol create an aromatic liquid, pleasantly sweet and intensely lemon flavoured.