The year 2001 marked by Vivera's investment of significant effort into the betterment of production, marked the beginning of this company's products into Atlantic Grupa's distribution channels. Vivera produces high quality food for children and adults. In 2001, the respected German company Hipp & Beteilgungs AG assumed the ownership of Vivera and has made large investments to improve production and employ people.

Vivera's products are the result of modern scientific accomplishments, high technology and experience in the production of high quality nutritional products. They are intended for children from the youngest ages, youth, people of advanced age, pregnant women, breast feeders and athletes and as a therapeutic addition to digestive problems, diabetes and obesity.

Bebimil – milk formulas for newborns and young children, and instant teas for children.

Bebivita – a product line of juices, porridges and ready-made meals for newborns and young children.

Vivera Corn Flakes – a natural source of energy, vitamins and minerals. They are a tasty and healthy start of a day.

Vivera Probavin – a unique product on the market. It is an instant mixed cereal extremely rich in fibre that decreases problems of constipation. Probavin is produced from natural ingredients and is suitable for the nutrition of all age groups.