Barcaffè Espresso

Barcaffè Espresso

All 50 years of Barcaffè's existence, we are dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of production and products by applying innovation and quality care. So today in the top Barcaffè you can enjoy wherever you are and the espresso is the crown of that enjoyment.

The secret of the perfect cup of Barcaffè espresso coffee is in the attention, expertise and dedication with which we treat each bean, in the recognizable taste and the trust of consumers.

Once you recognize your aroma among Barcaffè blends, you will easily recognize it in a sea of other aromas. Intense and unique, it gives a magical promise that is fulfilled in every cup.

Following the market trends and new requirements of our partners and consumers, we have perfected the recipes of our espresso coffee blends.

Barcaffè espresso blends:

India 100% Arabica - Single origin (premium blend)

GB: A characteristic strong body with medium acidity. Pleasant spice and cocoa notes aftertaste.

Barcaffè Divino (premium blend)

100% Arabica, Super premium espresso blend of carefully selected beans of the highest quality arabica from Central and South America, as well as Africa. The coffee is packaged into a 2 kilograms tin that maintains long-lasting freshness and aroma

Barcaffè Prestigio (premium blend)

Rich and elegant, with a fruity, citrus note and a soft aftertaste of toasted bread. A distinctive aroma of floral honey and a hint of elderflower.

Barcaffè Maestoso

A dominant chocolate note with an aroma of roast almonds and a distinctive aftertaste of freshly baked bread.

Barcaffè Fantasia

A blend of sugary, honey notes with a chocolate aftertaste and a pleasantly rounded fruity- floral aroma.

Barcaffè Tradizione

A strong, invigorating flavor accompanied by the rich aroma of bitter cocoa and sophisticated notes of dark chocolate.

Decaf Barcaffè

Blend of ground caffeine-free coffee packed into 7g packets making the preparation on the espresso machine easier. 

Barcaffè Espresso On The Go

The Barcaffè espresso on the go concept provides complete support through a premium blend, self-service machines and the entire range so you can enjoy the espresso even when you’re on the go.

Barcaffè espresso on the go allows espresso lovers to enjoy a real espresso made from 7.5 g of freshly ground coffee for each cup. We use a selection of the highest quality varieties of Arabica and a smaller proportion of Robusta, which gives a full flavor and recognizable aroma. We use a line of high quality espresso machines, compliant with all necessary international standards and adaptable to all types of facilities (offices, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, groceries and gas stations).

 We offer a full experience from bean to a cup of espresso and the support of our specialized team through education, service, support and delivery. Barcaffè espresso is an ideal companion and a perfect addition to food products.