Barcaffè Instant

3 in 1 Classic 

Combination of coffee, sugar and creamy milk is the base of a genuine enjoyment that is being supplemented by another secret ingredient – love for coffee that is being brought by Barcaffè for already half a century. 3 in 1 flavor will surely satisfy the taste of true coffee lovers.

2 in 1 Classic

Real coffee and creamy milk, because love takes two. 2 in 1 Classic is your daily dose of love, packed in a bag, because you are going to fall in love at first sip and enjoy each following one.

Cappuccino Caramel

This flavor represents a true treat for all the sweet life lovers. Creamy cappuccino enriched with the aroma of seductive caramel is going to conquer all your senses and turn the moments of enjoyment into sublime pleasure.

Cappuccino Classic

Creamy, foamy and extremely tempting. This is Cappuccino Classic, a milky-coffee flavor that you are familiar with and that you can hardly resist. A perfect choice if you want to pamper yourself or your friends.

Cappuccino Classic Extra Creamy

Creamy, creamier, the creamiest – that is Cappuccino Classic Extra Creamy. This is not a regular cappuccino, but a beverage that is going to sweeten your life and turn your moments of pleasure into an unforgettable experience.

Freeze Classic

Summer, sun, beach, shade, but something is still missing. Freeze Classic, tempting and tasty iced coffee that turns the summer heat into a creamy treat in combination with an ice cube, is here for the full enjoyment.

Freeze Coco

Are you dreaming about a summer somewhere exotic? We are bringing exotic pleasure straight to your home. Freeze Coco, creamy iced coffee enriched with a charming coconut aroma, makes the summer unforgettable.

Slim & Fit

Slim & Fit is the right coffee for everyone who wants to be in shape. It contains a coenzyme Q10 supplement, L-carnitine and biotin which contribute to normal metabolism of fat, and other macronutrients. Get some rest and enjoy every moment with Slim & Fit coffee, without feeling guilty.

Cappuccino Choco

For some people it is a guilty pleasure, for the others it is a source of energy, while some think of it as a true aphrodisiac. But the fact is that everybody loves it. Cappuccino Choco creates creamy magic which brings the biggest amount of pleasure.

Cappuccino Irish Cream

Irish Cream liqueur and cream, this is your guilty pleasure! The flavor of an amazing creamy beverage is combined with the flavor of milky-coffee cappuccino so you can get to experience a whole new dimension of enjoying coffee. 

Cappuccino Vanilla

Vanilla is probably one of the most recognizable and favorite flavors which is here combined with coffee, providing a creamy flavor that calms and relaxes.