50 years of tradition

Barcaffè is the best known and the most respected brand of coffee in Slovenia. Devotees of good coffee appreciate its superior quality and great taste that marks an indispensable beginning of each day. Barcaffè saw the light of day on 8 May 1970 in the former factory Droga Portorož. The first product was a bag of 100 g ground Turkish coffee, which is still today the most recognizable and most popular product. Today Barcaffè offers more than 40 products, from mixtures of ground roasted coffee, coffee beans, coffee blends for espresso to instant beverages and popular drinks for the road, the so-called "coffee to go".

This considerable success did not come overnight. Decades of effort, worry about the quality, the selection of the best world's species of coffee and creative marketing activities were the main pillars which led the brand to the leading position in the coffee market and made it one of the strongest consumer brands in Slovenia. Barcaffè commends itself with eight gold medals for excellent taste in the International coffee testing and with a "Trusted Brand" title which Barcaffè has regularly been receiving from 2007 and that shows consumer confidence in the brand.