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3 in 1 Classic

When you want to enjoy the moment and a full flavor, choose the perfect mix of real coffee, sugar and creamy milk, created to cater to the needs of true hedonists and sweet life lovers.

2 in 1 Classic

If you are ready for double pleasure, there is a creamy combination of coffee and milk in an ideally balanced relationship. 2 in 1 is the art of pleasure, carefully packed in a bag for every occasion.

Slim & Fit

A coffee break implies a pause and enjoyment. With Slim & Fit coffee that contains a Q10 supplement, L-carnitine and biotin, which contribute to normal metabolism of macronutrients, your break becomes a creamy pleasure in the service of your fit shape.

Choco Banana

Exotic mix of coffee, chocolate and banana will satisfy the most sophisticated palate of every gourmet. It is enough to pour hot water over it and your enjoyment can begin.

Choco Orange

Coffee, chocolate and orange represent an aromatic combination of smells and tastes that will leave no one feeling indifferent. Romantic and seductive, it invites you to relax and prolong the moments of pleasure.

Cappuccino Classic

Cappuccino and a glass of water… How many times have you said those words when you were meeting your friends for coffee? Thanks to Classic Cappuccino, you can now enjoy the creamy, coffee-milky flavor in your home.

Cappuccino Vanilla

Is there anything gentler than a creamy Cappuccino with vanilla flavor? This enchanting combination of flavors is going to make your moments of pleasure extremely serene.

Cappuccino Irish cream

Those who are determined and have an opinion, even when it comes to moments of pleasure, choose Irish Cream without fail. Irresistibly creamy Cappuccino enriched with the aroma of Irish Cream liqueur brings a whole new dimension of coffee drinking.

Cappuccino Choco

Is there anyone who does not enjoy a unique taste of chocolate? If you add Cappuccino on top of that, the pleasure becomes a fantasy. Cappuccino Choco is just that – a creamy fantasy packed in one bag for your maximum pleasure.

Freeze Classic

The summer heat disappears and each moment becomes a creamy pleasure with this icily good and irresistibly tasty Freeze Classic with an ice cube.

Freeze Coconut

Summer, beach and shade under a palm tree – this is exactly the emotion brought to you by Freeze Coconut, iced coffee enriched with a fabulous coconut aroma.