JIMMY FANTASTIC is a super delicious high-quality chocolate for all those looking for a happy big bite as you are sure to enjoy the most massive chocolate on the market that is JIMMY FANTASTIC. We listened to the market, got a clear picture of what people want and decided to produce a massive portion of chocolate.

The ultimate bite of technology

The story of JIMMY FANTASTIC will never wear thin. We have done everything differently, because JIMMY FANTASTIC is just that – different. The name, design, packaging, size, flavours,... we have created a completely new and original brand of chocolate with extremely large cubes  for all those who are looking for a bigger bite.

We have streamlined our offer to the finest Belgian chocolate, without cutting back on the flavours. JIMMY FANTASTIC boasts as much as six creative combinations and ingredients combined with a creamy chocolate, some of which are available on the local market for the first time. With JIMMY you can enjoy a combination of roasted almonds and hazelnuts, a crunchy mix of coconut and cookies, a fusion of salty caramel and brownie, caramelised mini rice or wafers coated in dark chocolate. In case these are not to your taste, JIMMY FANTASTIC is also available in a pure milk chocolate with no other ingredients – just pure delight.

Our chocolate stands for happiness

JIMMY FANTASTIC is the proud ambassador of Cocoa Horizons, contributing to the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and protection of nature and children. We believe chocolate should be produced sustainably, through programmes that empower and protect the farmers and make the planet a happier place. For each square to bring the greatest joy, each cocoa bean has to be sourced safely and sustainably. All the cocoa in each bar of JIMMY FANTASTIC has been grown on farms run by content farmers supported by the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. Only happy people can take part in creating happiness.

Your time is up, tiny chocolate! 

JIMMY is a brand that speaks to its consumers in plain, everyday language. Our aim is to put our consumers at the centre of everything we do. We are here to surprise you, cheer you up, make you smile and spoil you with top-quality chocolate. JIMMY will always keep you entertained, be it on the shelves, the billboards or the TV.