ASEBON shampoos are specialised in dandruff removal, as well as in resolution of the accompanying symptoms. The active ingredient piroctone olamine incorporated into a mild tenside base, has an outstanding anti-dandruff potential, exhibits an efficient and long-term dandruff-removing effect, soothes irritation and prevents dandruff recurrence. The shampoos are pH-neutral and have a pleasant mild scent. Washing hair in Asebon shampoos may aid in protection and stabilisation of the hair to the effect of hindering UV radiation-induced hair damaging. There is Asebon anti-greasy dandruff shampoo (intended for normal to greasy scalp) that contains the active ingredient piroctone olamine that allows for rapid and efficient scalp cleansing and Asebon anti-dry dandruff shampoo (intended for dry scalp) that contains flax extract that enriches the hair, and hydrates and nourishes the scalp.