Dipterol is an effective and high-quality repellent that fends off mosquitoes and other insects.  It came about as a result of the know-how, experience and innovativeness of local experts; as well as from keeping in line with scientific and technological development, and the demands of experts dealing with environmental preservation and high-quality raw materials.  With the development of new scientific findings, natural substances and fragrances, a technologically advanced generation of cosmetic products emerged.  These products are aimed at protecting and caring for both human health and the environment, and are suitable for adults and children, with added defence against tick-borne diseases such as meningoencephalitis and borreliosis (Lyme disease).

Dipterol comes in four forms: spray, stick, non-aerosol lotion pump, and cream for exposed skin.  Dipterol Extra Active ensures lengthy protection of up to 6 hours, while the Active Natural sub-product line contains natural elements of citronella and aloe vera which are especially suitable for the care and protection of young children. 
The products are anti-allergic and anti-irritating.  When applied to the skin, an invisible, thin film is formed, resistant to rubbing off, wiping and sweating.  Dipterol is made in accordance with the ISO 9001/14001 quality management system.  Raw materials for production are obtained from the most well-known Western European suppliers and meet all health and quality certificates of the EU.