Atlantic Grupa with its pharmacies formed the largest private chain of pharmacies in Croatia and specialised shops for medicines and food supplements and is one of the key factors in business activities but also in the consolidation on the pharmacy market. The continuous business and professional development and establishment of proper partner relations resulted in the formation of one of the leading subjects in the pharmacy segment recognisable under the brand FARMACIA.

As one of its strategic goals in this segment, Atlantic Grupa identified the formation of an exemplary established Croatian national pharmacy chain organised according to the highest standards of the pharmacy profession whose quality would be primarily recognised by patients.

An important element in the company’s strategy of developing its own and the overall pharmacy business is the system of developing the pharmacy profession with special emphasis on educating the existing and investing in the development of the new pharmacy personnel. Within the framework of this strategy, Atlantic Grupa established an education centre as the cornerstone of the whole education programme within which educational systems for individual work positions will be developed carefully and in detail as well as individual education programmes established according to the needs of individual employees. Considering the importance of formal professional education, within this programme great importance is also given to sending our health workers to postgraduate education at the Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Faculty.