Argeta exclusive

Argeta Exclusive, harmony of prestigious taste

Argeta Exclusive is our prestigious line intended for anyone who knows how to enjoy life and loves to indulge in gourmet pleasures. You'll be able to find these products in the selected stores.

Limited series of pates with character and the personal touch of famous master chefs

For the perfect end to the season, we challenge one of the most prominent chefs in the region each year. The extraordinary Alessandro Gavagna, chef de cuisine of the prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant "La Subida", Tomaž Kavčič, manager of the famous restaurant "Pri Lojzetu" in the Zemono castle in Vipava, Teo Fernetich, manager of the restaurant "San Rocco" from Brtonigla in Croatia, Janez Bratovž, the world-renowned chef of the JB Restaurant in Ljubljana, and brothers Gregor and David Vračko have blown away consumers throughout previous seasons with excellent concoctions of the Argeta Exclusive pâté. All Argeta Exclusive editions are produced in a unique and limited series.

Argeta Exclusive spreads do the trick for all five senses. A research team of food technologists, audio engineers and composers has achieved the impossible – the experience of taste has been converted into sound with the help of science. Give them a try.