Argeta junior

Argeta Junior pâtés have a milder, less spicy taste, making them particularly popular with younger cosumers. They are produced from high quality ingredients, seasoned with natural spices and produced without additional preservatives. They also don’t contain any flavour enhancers or artificial flavourings. The youngest consumers are thrilled with its colorful packaging and with the mascot- funnny Duck Junior who is always ready for some fun time with his friends.

Argeta Junior Original is made from chicken with chicken liver and is mildly seasoned.

Argeta Junior SuperTuna is the first fish pâté in the Argeta Junior product line. It is a real secret of the seas, which children who like the sea and its flavours will love to discover, along with parents who enjoy tuna as well. Argeta Junior SuperTuna is made from top quality tuna fillets, with added carrot, sun-dried tomato and natural spices, making a great and tasty meal.
Argeta Junior KremTuna is a combination of Argeta Junior SuperTuna, which is well known to sea food lovers, and dairy spreads. That is how this unique combination was created.

Argeta Junior KokoKrem is an excellent flavor for all children who adore playful, but mild, creamy flavors. The best of chicken breasts, dairy spreads and natural spices give a great and tastefull combination.