Argeta is produced according to an over 50-year-old recipe, and it all started in 1957 when the Argo factory in Izola started producing condensed soup from chicken meat. The by-product in the production of condensed soup was boiled chicken and thus began the production of chicken pâté. This chicken pâté, which was named Argeta a few years later, began its unprecedented foray into world markets in 1963. Today they are the world's largest producer of pâté, and Argeta's officially copyrighted orange colour is already familiar in more than 30 markets around the world. Its quality and popularity are supported by the fact that every second four cans of this delicious spread are opened in these markets.


Argeta's first major breakthrough occurred in the late 1980s in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo, due to the fact that it did not contain pork and the confidence of the local population in Slovenian production. Argeta has began to develop new flavours in 2000, and the packaging has been improved and modernized. In 2005, the product range was expanded to include tuna and later salmon pâtés. With the expansion of the fish product range, Argeta became a pioneer in the fish pâté segment on many of its markets. Argeta's wide product range, tailored to the wishes of consumers, includes meat and fish pâtés. Offering consumers what they want is at the very core of Argeta's development, and accordingly, a new fish flavour called Sardina Adriatica was presented in Croatia and Slovenia at the end of 2015.

Argeta, which always goes for the best, delights its fans with a new, more modern design after six years. Argeta's mission is to strive for the best. Following the corporate vision is ensured by perfecting the product inside and out and putting the customer first. This can also be seen on the new communication platform, which is based on the renewed identity of Argeta. Argeta takes the role of a brand with a mission to inspire and empower the individual, and this is done through the platform: "Life is what we make of it".

This way they traverse technical and functionally-oriented communication, and seek to focus on talking about the emotions and stories that drive the lives of customers. This viewpoint is also incorporated in the new visual identity of Argeta's packaging, which descriptively manifests Argeta's perception of the world, opens the door to the imagination and supports Argeta's taste through the design of its packaging.

Thanks to the new design, every bite of Argeta represents an experience on an empirical and sensory level, while the redesigned packaging once again corroborates our position as the best in our category.


Argeta's chicken, turkey, liver, spicy chicken, tuna and salmon pâtés are the best-sellers and make Argeta the leading brand in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia, while it ranks second on the markets of Serbia and Montenegro. Argeta's success in the region lead on to conquering Europe, when Argeta became the number 1 meat pâté in Europe in 2018.


Argeta pâtés have been known for years for their top quality and excellent taste. They are produced using state of the art technology, from carefully selected raw materials and fresh spices to the best pieces of meat and fish, exclusively procured for the production of Argeta delicatessen spreads. They are a rich source of HBV proteins and minerals, which makes them a food of high nutritive value. Argeta is produced in accordance with international food hygiene standards and the HACCP system, which ensures the highest level of quality in the production of safe food. The advantage of Argeta is that it does not contain preservatives, flavour enhancers, artificial colouring and gluten, which is stated under the inscription "NO ADDITIVES" on all Argeta products, and shelf life is ensured with a special production technology. With Argeta pâtés you can prepare a delicious and nutritious breakfast, snack or afternoon bite to eat.


A new category of vegetable spreads has joined the Argeta family of various flavours composed of the highest quality ingredients.


The inspiration for our new spreads comes from the popular hummus, which has been an indispensable part of Middle Eastern cuisine for thousands of years. The word 'hummus', which means chickpeas, is also a basic ingredient in Argeta's vegetable spreads. Combined with a range of interesting additions, it creates the perfect meal for lovers of healthy snacks, sports enthusiasts and modern families who, although constantly on the go, refuse to give up on fun and colourful meals.


The combinations of vegetable flavours include the vegetable spread Humus Natur, a classic hummus spread ideal for all types of bread that can easily serve as a delicious sauce on the side of fresh vegetables or salty snacks. The vegetable spread with the addition of black olives brings out the taste of the Mediterranean, and it goes perfectly with dried tomatoes, cheese and breadcrumbs, while the vegetable spread with red pepper will give each meal a homely taste.