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The development of the Granny’s Secret brand began in 2003. Just like the traditional cooking of our grandmothers, Granny’s Secret products are prepared in a homely, natural way that preserves the best to be found in nature’s produce. The fruits and vegetables are hand-picked, and the secret to their preparation is that they are simmered, i.e. cooked slowly over a low temperature, whereby they retain their nutritional properties. Only natural ingredients are used, without added preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings, resulting in the tasty, delicious and healthy Granny’s Secret products which have won over consumers in over 20 countries. More than a decade of hard work has produced a wide range of top-quality Granny’s Secret products that come under a number of different categories:


Only the very best peppers make it into our ajvar range. The carefully roasted, peeled and ground peppers in Granny’s Secret ajvar fully retain their flavour and nutrients, because no sugar, preservatives or additives are added. When combined with first-class, hand-picked vegetables, we get the traditional delicacies like ljutenica (ajvar with tomato and species) or malidzano (green ajvar), in which the taste and aroma of traditional pepper products are kept from being forgotten.

With the desire to offer something 100% natural, Granny's secret replaced sunflower oil with olive oil, the salt with Himalayan salt and got a perfectly balanced combination of flavors in the form of ajvar with olive oil.

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Extra jams and preserves

Granny’s Secret jams and marmalades are made to old recipes, and have a high content of fruit and an authentic fruit flavour. Premium, hand-picked fruit is cooked over a low temperature, which preserves all their nutrients and vitamins. With gentle stirring, it can take 10 hours to cook excellent jam or marmalade.

A special line comprises Granny’s Secret light fruit spreads to which fruit sugar (fructose) is added instead of sucrose, creating a low-calorie product with up to 30% fewer calories than traditional jams.

Serving home-made slatko (fruit preserve) is an indispensable ritual when welcoming guests to your home, a ritual which Granny’s Secret strives to keep alive. The sweet sauce, which is made by slow cooking large chunks of fruit that remain firm during the process, is prepared in the traditional way – in large, open-top pots, with constant stirring.

Fruit spreads with honey represent a premium line of products that have a perfectly balanced fruit and honey relationship - 60% fruit, 40% honey.

Fruit and vegetable juices

The freshest and most natural fruit and vegetable juices are obtained by grinding whole fruit and veg, not by pressing. This method retains all the important ingredients of the fruit. In additional to their high fruit content, Granny’s Secret juices also contain fruit peel, an irreplaceable source of nutrients.

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