It may not be the only one, but it surely is the only real one – the way you remember it from childhood. The specificity of Bananica remained a little secret which is unmistakably recognizable in the vast sea of similar desserts on the market. It is produced of high-quality, natural ingredients, covered with chocolate coating with a cocoa content of 56%, with the addition of agar- agar. Agar-agar is produced from algae, and is used to achieve the specific jelly-like and foamy quality. As we know it, the first Bananica was created way back in 1938. The first foamy bulk was made with raw eggs, while today egg powder is used in production. In the beginnings chocolate coating was done by hand, until first such machine was made in the 1960. The shape of Bananica has not changed since it was first created, while the quality improved with each new innovation in the production process. Today it is made of the best ingredients and with modern automatic equipment so it can emerge in full splendour in brand new modern packaging.


Agar-agar is made from algae, used for gelling and gives Bananica its well-known foamy structure.