Najlepše želje

The chocolates “Najlepše želje“ are made exclusively from natural ingredients – cocoa, cocoa butter, milk, sugar and…nothing else. Nothing else? The magic lies precisely in what we add to „Najlepše želje“ when we give them as a present to ourselves or others – the attention which everybody gives in their own special way. Besides the valuable minerals, phosphor, magnesium, iron and potassium, „Najlepše želje“ carry in their natural ingredients numerous formulas for attention and care. Thanks to the chocolate masters, the secret to the specific taste has been preserved for 90 years, and „Najlepše želje“ have imprinted the mark of warm care to the growing up of many generations. The special texture and the long lasting taste gives “Najlepše želje” chocolates the luxurious note that is hard to resist. Incredibly luring for chocolate gourmets, irresistibly amusing for children, a precious ingredient for cooks, „Najlepše želje“ are there to give us a delightful dessert, serotonin injection, chocolate comfort, perfect present, all that goes with the best wishes is within this chocolate.


Did you know that a slab of chocolate has two calories?