Prima salty sticks are made for every taste. Their quality and variety of flavours and authentic ingredients will equally satisfy your need for a snack or a light meal. Prima turns your every moment into an action of healthy energy. Made from natural ingredients of the highest quality, based on wheat flower and vegetable oil, Prima represents a balanced, highly nutritional food appropriate for every situation. It is a light meal which contributes to your good mood and complements your working day, it is a pleasure that you can share with friends and family guilt-free during break time, it is an inspirational salty delight that encourages your imagination. Depending on the occasion and your taste of choice, go for the salty sticks, with peanut filling or the buckwheat version in 40g, 95g or 220g packaging for the salyt sticks, the 45, 100, 230g packaging for the peanut filing and the 95g packaging for the buckwheatl version.