Smoki is the first flips produced in Southeastern Europe. It was created in 1972, and for many snack lovers it was the first and remains the number one flavour of flips. The original recipe has remained the secret to Smoki’s success, and specific by all characteristics, the Smoki taste is unique in the world of flips. Since its very beginnings Smoki has enjoyed an incredible popularity, and its dominant peanuty taste along with its crunchiness made it the food of choice for all generations at all times. Smoki is made from premium quality corn meal, freshly baked peanuts and vegetable oil, with no additives at all. Since 2005 a new technology has been used in the production of Smoki flips, adapted to the latest quality standards. The distinguishing red packaging was adjusted over time, the very practical party pack is now hugely popular, and the new member to the family – Čoko Smoki for the devotees who cannot imagine even a dessert without their favourite snack, are gaining new fans by the day.


If there are an average of 120 flips per package, that means that in 2008 almost 14.5 billion Smoki pieces were produced – 3 for every citizen of the planet.