Our passion and the way we dive into our work shines like the Sun – our driving force that helps us swim that extra mile and accomplish better results. Giving out best to be the best. Dedication and emotions we put into our work help us in achieving our goal of making the world around us a better place. We love what we do; we have fun and celebrate successes. With our hearts and minds working as one, the future is bright – every cloud has the Sun’s silver lining.


Atlantic's employees enjoy different types of music but they always celebrate their business success in the same inspiring way. We are fairly proud of our tradition of strengthening our teams through these types of gatherings and we impatiently await throughout the years the ways in which we will raise the ladder of having a good time.


We support Atlantic's high sports spirit through activities in Body and Mind program, whose vision is to develop a good feeling among employees – both physically and mentally – as a result of an increased physical activity and better mental relaxation.

Under this program over 20 sport clubs that operate in Atlantic Grupa gather employees to actively train sports like football, volleyball or basketball as well as to meet at hiking trips, cycling tours, and legendary Atlantic Running Team (ART) gatherings whose 200 members regularly participate in international marathons. As a culmination of their sports efforts, more than 600 Atlantic members gather once a year at the Atlantic Sports Weekend for an opportunity to be a good sport and demonstrate the results of their training.

For recreational athletes there’s Walk and Ride to Work program which rewards employees who accumulate the most kilometres by cycling or walking to work.


We devote special attention towards the orientation for our new employees in order for them to feel like they had already been here. The introductory education Start-A and Welcome Book give all our new colleagues practical guidelines for life in the company, introduce them to the principles of doing business, the rules and aims and serve as a means to quickly and successfully join our business environment. This way we try to guide the enthusiasm which comes with our new colleagues properly.


Rewarding within the company – fairly and attractively, in line with the prevailing conditions on the local market. We gather data from the labour market regularly, ensuring that our reward structures remain competitive. Rewarding is done transparently, offering efficient orientation, education and training ensuring a means for improvement and promotion.


– the portfolio of our brands is really wide, the quickest way to remember them all, from Cockta to Smoki is directly at the sales point. An objective and unbiased view on a shelf with our products by a new employee and an insight into the way in which products are sold can be used as a great basis for action for our colleagues in the field of sales, marketing and development.