Inspiration is like a wave washing over the shore, erasing the old and creating the new. When we value openness to new ideas, diverse views and different people, the wave of curiosity allows us to always start afresh, improve our business processes and devise new solutions. Continuous innovation is our primary tailwind, broadening our horizons and leading us to new victories that will shape our future and communities.


The Wind of Change program is aimed at promoting the notion that every individual within the company can contribute with their own unique insight to the company’s growth and development, and is one of the ways in which Atlantic Grupa maintains its high level of competitiveness and success.  Each Atlantic Grupa employee is given the opportunity to submit their innovative ideas in the areas of products or process, organisational innovation, or marketing-sales innovation.


Through this programme, Atlantic Grupa employees have an opportunity to present themselves in a different light and present our company's values in the best way possible – creativity, passion and growth. They have an opportunity to recognise and commend the colleagues  who best represent one of the three Atlantic Grupa's values – passion. The colleague who wins in this category gets the title of a Value Ambassador SUN*. They also have an opportunity to express their creativity through the programme Wind of Change, whose winning title is becoming the WIND Ambasador (creativity). And finally, our MOUNTAIN Ambassador (growth) is chosen through the U3 process, which shows which employee has best shown their potential or professional growth in the past year.


Adventure is far from being a traditional training / "MBA-style" academic program. It has been designed as a "journey into innovation, learning and execution". The programme has been designed in the light of the AG Values where the candidates should show passion for learning, high goal aspiration and openness for new experiences. The target group are young professionals and/or middle managers with 2-5 years of professional /working experience, and at least 1 year within the AG Company. At the core of Adventure there are real strategic projects put forward and sponsored by the Heads SBU/SDU and/or corporate functions. These projects will ensure sustainable innovation for our Group, dealing with key business issues, stronger talent pipeline, innovative solutions for strategic business issues and a stronger sense of identity and belonging to AG.