On our way to the top, we move mountains and bravely overcome obstacles. However, we undertake this journey, its both beautiful and challenging moments, with utmost responsibility. Stepping out of the comfort zone, we take initiative and realize our goals, while being fair and keeping in mind our colleagues, customers, partners and the environment. That is how we grow, how our markets, profit, brands and people grow – in every sense of the word. Aspiring for more, climbing to the top of the mountain of success.


Performance management system (U3) in Atlantic Grupa connects the success of an individual employee to the success of the entire company by balancing organisational, departmental, and individual objectives, as well as by improving the efficiency of the individual and the team. Performance management system is focused on results, and is flexible and adaptable to changes in business and job position specifics. Another aspect that is encouraged by performance management and development system is corporate culture.


For six years in a row Atlantic Grupa has received the Employer Partner Certificate for excellent results in managing human resources. The primary reason for the Employer Partner Certificate project is on one side to recognize and excel an organization which has managed its human resources qualitatively and has propagated and implemented those standards which have proven to promote business results and the quality of work on the other side. The Employer Partner Certificate is awarded to organizations which regardless of their size and public presence, meet the quality standards in managing human resources.

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There is a well-known saying that there are three types of people when it comes to the future: those who fulfil their future, those who let things happen, and those who wonder what happened. There is no doubt in our definition of “creating the future” and with that definition Atlantic Grupa is dedicated to developing the potential of its employees through development activities in the [email protected] program that are grouped into four areas. Leader Lab develops leadership competencies; Functional Lab unites a wide spectrum of functional education programs; Talent Lab offers an opportunity for young professionals to develop their potential; while My Lab consists of a set of programs and activities aimed at the individual development of personal, technical, and functional competencies of an individual. 

Employees in Atlantic Grupa’s education system also have an opportunity to share their own knowledge with colleagues, and teach them the skills that they possess. Through the education of others in the Atlantic Trainers Community program, our employees can perform their own jobs easier, for it allows the formation of communities of people who understand the specifics of their colleagues’ work. 


Aware that we are a part of a wider community, we come together every year on Value Day, and with joint strength demonstrate our corporate values – sun, wave, and mountain; we visit children with special social needs, old-age homes, and animal shelters; we help in the activities of non-government organisations and institutions; and clean and brighten up the environment. Positive energy, team spirit, and a good feeling inspires more than 1500 Atlantic members in Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, B&H, Germany, and Russia to get together year after year and join strengths to creatively, passionately, and responsibly assist both their local communities and each other.