Boom Box is celebrating its second anniversary and introducing new products!


On the occasion of its second anniversary, Boom Box is bringing numerous innovations, including two new products - oat bites and organic oat flakes.

Just two years ago, during the pandemic, Atlantic Grupa introduced Boom Box as a new brand for those who want to eat healthier, following trends and bringing modernity both in branding and in the product itself.

The exceptional results achieved in a short period of time prove that consumers recognized this, with Boom Box taking the first position in the Instant Porridge category in Slovenia and the second position in Croatia. In the Granola & Crunchy category, it secured the second position in Croatia and Slovenia, while in Serbia, where we have been present since last year, Boom Box claimed the third position in both categories. In the fastest-growing Plant-Based Drinks category, Boom Box secured the second position in Croatia and the third position in Slovenia and Serbia. Currently, Boom Box is present in seven markets and five product categories.

The passion for innovation and care for our consumers resulted in expanding the product range. Oat bites are delicious oat snacks that provide instant energy and are ideal for those seeking a healthy alternative for a quick and convenient snack, with no added sugar. The new product is already winning the hearts of our consumers and providing them with a unique taste and texture experience. It comes in three flavors: crunchy oat bites with almonds and dark chocolate, oat bites with hazelnuts and dark chocolate, and oat bites with mixed berries and white chocolate for those who prefer a juicier texture.

In addition to launching new product categories, we haven't neglected our existing ones. We have added irresistible chocolate oatmeal to our assortment, with crushed cocoa beans providing a delightful surprise. This new flavor offers the perfect balance between healthy ingredients and irresistible pleasure.

Furthermore, on the shelves, you can find the BIO oat drink with vanilla, available in both a 1L pack and a convenient 0.5L pack for those who want to try or occasionally use plant-based drinks. This drink offers a refreshing vanilla taste along with all the benefits of healthy oats.