To achieve its goal of reduced environmental impact, Atlantic Grupa has built and developed systems for sustainable business practices and responsible energy use through continual monitoring.

Our quality and environmental policies are laid out in our overarching document of our environmental management system, which is based on Atlantic Grupa’s foundational declaration about its intentions and principles of environmental protection, and which forms the framework for our business dealings and setting of general and individual goals for environmental protection.

Atlantic Grupa is committed to the prudent use of energy sources and raw materials, responsible waste management, and the continual prevention of negative environmental impact in both our production processes as well as final products and services.

To reduce our impact on the environment, we minimize our use of all energy sources, water, and natural gas, and by prudent application of optimal materials in all technological processes. Moreover, we strategically plan out our distribution routes and use Transport management systems to optimize our use of gasoline.

All measures related to environmental protection must be in accordance with the proper national legislative requirements, and comply with regulations in the countries in which the company operates.

We deliver holistic solutions for environmental protection through:

  • Solving water waste and emission measurement problems
  • Waste management across all verticals
  • Careful, compliant management of hazardous waste and proper handling of hazardous substances
  • Measurement and monitoring of airborne emissions
  • Compliant disposal of unsatisfactory raw materials, finished products, and packaging
  • Selection of “clean technology” and compliance with environmental standards in the design and construction of facilities and plants
  • Proper drainage and reclamation of sewage systems
  • Lab monitoring by authorized laboratories

Atlantic Grupa is wholeheartedly dedicated—through our selection of environmentally friendly technologies and services, risk management, and incentives to promote better energy conservation—to the continual protection and positive impact on our environment.