As dedicated members of the communities we serve, Atlantic Grupa understands the importance of improving general social wellbeing and the need to invest a portion of our profits into our local communities.

We care about our employees

Our team is composed of an inspiring group of people who work for an inspiring company. At Atlantic, employee wellbeing begins with the seven principles of equality, giving each member the ability to balance their personal and professional lives.

In line with best practices that emphasize respect for all differences–regardless of gender, sex, nationality, race, or religion—we treat everyone equally by giving each member of our team personalized opportunities based on their individual needs and affinities.

That includes flexible work hours and the opportunity to work from home, promotion of healthy habits, healthcare programs for employees and their families, various professional development programs, incentives, employee rewards, and other flexible benefits.

We care about our community

We promote our company values — care, openness, growth, and passion — through countless sponsorships and donations. With continued care about our shareholders we’re always open to new ideas, while staying oriented towards growth and passionate about our work. Atlantic Grupa continually takes care of the communities we live and work in, through socially responsible conduct in many different spheres.

We contribute to our communities by:

  • Creating beneficial socioeconomic impacts in the places we operate through stable business operations
  • Promoting community programs for water management and biodiversity conservation
  • Implementing internship programs with educational institutions to promote employment among young people
  • Partnering with non-profit organizations and civil associations
  • Collaborating with community organizers and humanitarian institutions to provide emergency aid to the markets we operate in
  • Dedicating ourselves to maintaining public health through athletics and the development of sports talent
  • Supporting cultural affairs and connecting creative forces across our region and beyond

Values day

Values day is a day in which we dedicate ourselves to volunteering and give back to the communities we operate in. Values day gives each member of our team the opportunity to get involved in the activities that best match their sensibilities—from donating blood to working in homes for children, from cleaning up the forests to helping at animal shelters, picking up around our facilities, and more.