Corporate governance code

In 2020 Atlantic Grupa adopted a new Corporate Governance Code, which harmonizes corporate governance standards with European law, domestic regulations, and best international corporate governance practices.

The Code defines work procedures for the Supervisory Board, Management Board, and other entities responsible for corporate governance, mutual relationships, prevention of conflicts of interest, establishment of internal controls, and the creation of effective systems of accountability and information transparency.

Code of business ethics

Atlantic Grupa is a signatory of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce’s Code of ethics on business conduct, which outlines ethical behavior within the framework of the Croatian economy. This set of defined ethical criteria promotes transparent, efficient business operations, and cultivates healthier work environments and economic relationships in Croatia.

All code signatories are responsible for ethical conduct towards other companies, development of qualitative relations, and upholding standards of fair competition. The guidelines of the Code stipulate open public dialogue and active promotion of welfare for employees and the environment. In accordance with the moral and ethical guidelines laid out by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Atlantic Grupa conducts its business transparently, responsibly, and efficiently, to strengthen the quality of and trust in the Croatian economy as a whole.